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Unlocking FREE Crypto: Coin App Review for Geomining

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If you’ve delved into the world of geomining, the name Coin App probably rings a bell. Introduced to the market in 2019, this application boasts over a million users today, all of whom are capitalizing on digital asset accumulation while performing their daily routines – be it jogging, commuting, or even traveling.

For the uninitiated, geomining entails the collection of geographical data within physical spaces, effectively attributing value to your location. As it stands, the practice of geomining is facilitated through the Coin App on the XYO network.

Within this review, we will embark on an exploration of the Coin App, diving deep into its features, subscription plans, and array of offerings.


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Coin App Ease of Use and Functionality

The Coin App presents a user-friendly interface, rendering the process of geomining straightforward and accessible. Through physical movement, users amass coins – an intermediary currency convertible into a range of assets including XYO, ETH, BTC, gaming consoles, sweepstakes entries, and more. Additionally, users can opt to participate in surveys, offering rewards, or engage in quick mini-games to reset tiles for repeated mining.

When it comes time to redeem earnings, a simple addition of a wallet address facilitates the process, with crypto payments arriving within a matter of days. Impressively, during my personal experience, I received payment in under 36 hours from the point of cashing out. Moreover, the wallet address not only grants access to accrued HODL rewards but also allows for interest accumulation on verified app-held assets, enhancing the overall value proposition.

Unlocking Earning Potential of Coin App

But the crucial question remains: can one genuinely generate income through everyday Coin App usage? The answer is resoundingly affirmative. Nonetheless, it’s vital to acknowledge that like any avenue of revenue generation, some degree of effort is requisite.

Optimizing Coin App Earnings

To kickstart your earnings journey, consider acquiring a Sentinel – available in NFC-capable card or Bluetooth pendant formats. Either option translates to a 12-fold increase in earnings on the basic plan, or an additional 10% if subscribed. My personal experience involved minimal expenditure, as I secured a Sentinel through an email-based offer shortly after setting up my COIN account, amounting to $12.95.

Multiple devices can be harnessed for geomining, a strategy adopted by many users, who employ dormant phones or tablets. By connecting these devices with Sentinels via NFC/Bluetooth capabilities, one can consolidate earnings into their primary account, enhancing cumulative rewards.

Exploring Coin App Features

The Coin App, since its inception a few years back, has evolved remarkably, now boasting diverse features under the categories of Socialize, Achieve, Explore, and Power-Ups.

The Coin App Exploration Beckons

The in-app exploration options beckon users to uncover hidden treasures, enhancing overall earnings. Notable features include:


Analogous to geocaching, geomining involves users scouring physical spaces for valuable digital assets. Novel tiles must be discovered, revealing rewards concealed beneath the surface.

Big Geomines

Occasionally, users stumble upon super treasures during exploration, and in some instances, they can corroborate fellow users’ wins.

Geomining Recharge

Patience is key, as geomining requires intervals for recharge. Progressing through Geomining Recharge rates facilitates leveling up.

Speed Boost

Scaling up your plan augments geomining speed, boosting potential earnings.

Extension Devices

The incorporation of extension devices enhances user authenticity, counteracting dishonest practices. These devices also contribute strategically to digital asset acquisition.


This feature enables users to deposit digital assets onto a tile they’re standing on, granting other users the opportunity to mine and collect the rewards.

Home Base

After three consecutive geomines on the same tile, a Home Base is established, generating currency at this designated location.

Store Visit

The app rewards users with deals, coupons, and incentives for visiting popular stores. A simple navigation through the app’s ‘plus’ menu under Rewarded Tasks leads to Store Visits, followed by step-by-step instructions for accruing rewards.

Social Engagement for Rewards

In addition to exploration, the Coin App encourages social interaction for further rewards:


Select Coin regions boast higher rewards due to their popularity. Users can claim a region weekly, participating in competitions alongside fellow app users.

Referral Links

Seasoned Coin users can introduce the app to others, reaping rewards for ushering in new users.

Team Lift

Collaborative efforts amplify rewards, as users team up to enhance collective earnings.


Fostering competition, the app’s leaderboard incentivizes users to vie for the top spot.

Pursuing Achievements

The Achieve section is tailor-made for users seeking tangible rewards for their endeavors:


Currently limited to the UK and the US, the app’s sweepstakes feature allows users to garner rewards through treasure utilization.

Physical Redemption

Beyond digital assets, Coin App facilitates exchange for real-world items, ranging from games to gadgets and apparel, enriching the user experience.

Digital Redemption

The app also presents digital rewards such as collectibles and souvenirs, which can later be sold or exchanged for tangible rewards.

HODL Rewards

Operating akin to interest rates, the app incentivizes prolonged asset retention, increasing their value over time.

Empowering through Power-Ups

For users seeking to elevate their rewards, the Power-Up features are a valuable asset:

Geoclaim Shield

By deploying a Geoclaim shield, users protect their earnings from being accessed by other individuals, safeguarding their assets.

Geoclaim Bonus

This power-up augments rewards earned via Geoclaiming.

Background Time

Users can extend background rewards by prolonging their engagement with the app, increasing potential earning durations.

Background Recharge

Users can expedite background reward acquisition through the Background Recharge power-up.

Referral Bonuses

The app acknowledges the role of users in bringing in new customers, providing them with a 1% share of referrals’ earnings. Notably, this doesn’t reduce the primary earner’s share.

Harnessing the Coin App Advantage

As the value of XYO continues to surge, a strong endorsement for the Coin App emerges. What sets this application apart is its gamified nature, blending entertainment with earnings potential. My personal experience reinforces this, as I invested $47.90 in acquiring a Sentinel and subscription, reaping over $89 worth of XYO in my Coinbase Wallet. While not a doubling of investment, this is a considerable return, particularly for individuals with shorter commutes and limited outings due to prevailing circumstances.

Taking into account essential aspects like electricity costs and data usage, the Coin App’s proposition remains compelling. As a webmaster, SEO consultant, and writer for top-tier companies, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring this platform. It’s an experience that feels like a game while substantively augmenting your financial standing.

Plan for Success: Coin App Subscription Tiers

The Coin App extends tailored plans to cater to users of varying expertise levels. From novices to seasoned users, the available plans ensure inclusivity.

Basic Plan

Priced at $0, the Basic Plan accommodates newcomers, offering features such as:

  • Regular geomining speed
  • Geomining Recharge Rate of 1x speed
  • 1x likelihood of encountering big Geomines

Pro Plan: Elevated Rewards for Avid Users

Catering to enthusiastic users with a drive for substantial rewards, the Pro Plan emerges at a monthly investment of $34.95. This plan offers an array of advantages, including:

  • 3x geomining speed and geomining recharge rate
  • Tripling the chances of encountering big Geomines
  • 12x Geomining Rewards
  • Geoclaim Bonus
  • 3x Background Reward Boost
  • 3x additional Geomining Rewards
  • Bonus Drop Power

Plus Plan: Balancing Features and Affordability

Tailored for users seeking a harmonious blend of features and affordability, the Plus Plan stands at a cost of $24.95 per month. This plan encompasses:

  • 2x geomining speed and geomining recharge rate
  • Double the likelihood of encountering big Geomines
  • 12x Geomining Rewards
  • 2x additional Geomining Rewards
  • 2x Bonus Drop Power
  • 2x Background Rewards Boost
  • Geoclaim Shield and Bonus

Unveiling Coin App Subscriptions

Subscribing to Coin App’s services optimizes the benefits of your chosen plan. Subscriptions enhance geomining rates, promote larger Geomine discoveries, and unlock unique features like SentinelX Sharing. These subscriptions run on a monthly basis, allowing flexibility for cancellations or plan adjustments.

Getting Started: A Journey into Geomining

Embarking on your geomining journey with the Coin App is a straightforward endeavor. Available for both Android and iOS, the app’s accessibility is unparalleled. After installation, setup involves activating location services – a crucial step in facilitating geomining by identifying your position.

While geomining can be initiated sans account creation, opting for an account offers enhanced asset security through email storage.

Upon account creation, the pickaxe button initiates geomining on your selected quadtile, where coins accumulate. The top-of-screen counter allows for easy tracking of earned coins.

Proven Strategies for Maximizing Coin App Earnings

Adopting effective strategies is vital for optimizing earnings through the Coin App:

  • Leverage downtime for surveys, potentially earning up to 1,500 COIN per survey.
  • Utilize the auto-mine setting during drives to harness passive earnings.
  • While Home Base bonuses exist, they’re generally outperformed by Sentinels, which offer comparable bonuses at an accelerated rate.
  • Exercise patience before cashing out coins to mitigate gas fees; waiting for a substantial accumulation can significantly enhance returns.
  • Consider the COIN to XYO exchange rate’s volatility before cashing out, potentially boosting your XYO yield.

Harness the Fun: A Path to Enhanced Enjoyment and Earnings

Embracing the entertainment factor is pivotal for a fulfilling Coin App experience. Treating it as a game significantly enhances its intrinsic value, culminating in greater overall satisfaction. Should you wish to embark on your Coin App journey, the following referral link welcomes you with a bonus of 1,000 coins:

For professionals engaged in driving or working across diverse locations, the Coin App presents a golden opportunity to supplement your income.

Conclusion: Coin App’s Potential Unveiled

While geomining might remain an emerging concept for some, the Coin App has swiftly gained momentum, cementing its position as a reliable platform for geomining while concurrently offering an array of engaging features. It’s crucial to note that the Basic Plan, although free, doesn’t encompass the app’s advanced attributes. Those genuinely seeking to harness the earning potential of geomining are advised to invest in a paid plan. As a seasoned SEO consultant, webmaster, and writer for globally recognized corporations, my recommendation is unequivocal – delve into the Coin App experience and reap the benefits of a burgeoning field.

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