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Payoneer Global Payment Service Issue for New Users in Certain Countries

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Here is how to resolve the Payoneer global payment services problem for new users in some countries. I recognize the difficulties that new users in various nations may encounter while attempting to use Payoneer’s Global Payment Service because I am an experienced SEO writer and webmaster. Payoneer recently underwent adjustments that made the service unavailable to new customers in some nations. However, there are solutions that can assist in resolving this problem and enabling users to effectively receive money.


Here are some steps you can take if you recently subscribed for a Payoneer account and discovered that the Global Payment Service is not offered in your nation:

Publish a clean copy of your passport or official ID to your internet account: Users in some nations may need to submit additional verification information to Payoneer. You can assist in meeting this criterion and be qualified to accept payments through the Global Payment Service by uploading a clear image of your government ID or passport.

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Contact Payoneer Customer Support

To get help enabling the Global Payment Service for your account, get in touch with Payoneer’s customer care by phone, chat, email, or their social media team on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to note that you have submitted a copy of your passport or government-issued ID for verification.

Users can take the following actions if they are interested in using the EUR payment service, which is an optional Global Payment Service currency:

Apply for Payoneer EUR Currency

Apply for the EUR currency by clicking on EUR in the “My Account” section of the Global Payment Service website and choosing the “Apply for the Currency” option. If this choice is not an option, you must take the following actions.

Fulfill Additional Requirements

The “Global Payment Service Questionnaire” and a clear image of your government ID or passport submitted to your online account may be requested by Payoneer’s support team. You also need to have used one of the payment options that are offered, such as the Global Payment Service, a marketplace, a Payoneer partner company, or a payment through a request for payment. Payments made via the free Payoneer-to-Payoneer feature do not qualify for this requirement.

You will be deemed qualified for the EUR Payment Service once you have accumulated a sufficient number of payments. Please be aware that requests from users who have not yet received any payments or who solely want to utilize the EUR Payment Service to receive EUR cannot be fulfilled. Working with your clients to accept payments using the services offered on your Payoneer account is advised.

It’s also important to note that you can contact Payoneer’s customer service for more help if the Global Payment Service was taken away from your account or you never had access to it in the first place. This could mean that your account is experiencing a special circumstance.

I’m here, as usual, to give broad information and respond to any inquiries about this subject. Please get in touch with Payoneer’s customer service for individualized assistance if you have particular questions about your account.

I believe the information in this post will be useful to users who are having problems with Payoneer’s Global Payment Service. You can fix the problem and resume receiving payments effectively by carrying out these actions and contacting customer support. You can also learn more about how to resolve and get solutions to your Payoneer global payment service problem as recommended in the FAQ about Not Available Global Payment Service for new users of certain countries

Don’t forget to submit your passport or government ID for verification and to satisfy any additional requirements that may be necessary. I am aware that some users may have been inconvenienced by the most recent update, but I hope that these solutions will enable you to get beyond the problem and keep utilizing Payoneer’s services for your online payments.

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