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AirTM Review 2024: How AirTM Works (Your Dollar Account)

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After three years of active usage and numerous transactions, Airtm has established itself as a reliable and secure peer-to-peer online payment platform. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the mechanics of Airtm, covering its functionality and detailing how users can leverage it to manage, transfer, and exchange currencies effectively.


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What is AirTM?

Airtm stands out as a peer-to-peer online payment platform designed for managing, transferring, and exchanging money. Functioning as a digital dollar wallet, Airtm provides a safe haven for individuals, especially in regions like Latin America, seeking refuge from rising inflation.

How to Use AirTM – FREE Dollar Account

AirTM’s Safety Measures

Airtm boasts a global presence, operating in nearly 190 countries, allowing users to securely keep and send money across borders. While the platform is generally safe, its peer-to-peer nature opens the possibility of encountering scammers. However, by adhering to instructions and employing caution, users can navigate these challenges effectively.

The Workings of AirTM

How Airtm Operates

Airtm operates on three primary fronts:

Keeping Money

Airtm offers a USD wallet, AirUSD, providing users with a secure space to retain their funds. This proves particularly beneficial for those in countries with weaker currencies seeking protection against inflation.

Transferring Money

Airtm facilitates seamless cross-border money transfers, operating in over 190 countries with a diverse range of payment methods. Transferring funds within the Airtm network or to non-Airtm users involves straightforward processes outlined in the review.

Exchanging Money

Airtm excels as a peer-to-peer exchange, allowing users to swap currencies or move funds between e-wallets and banks. The exchange process is elucidated, making it accessible for users looking to navigate these transactions effortlessly.

AirTM Account Setup and Verification

To harness the capabilities of Airtm, users must undergo a straightforward account setup and verification process. This involves selecting personal or business accounts, confirming email addresses, and completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process within a brief timeframe.

Key Operational Aspects

AirTM Supported Countries

Airtm operates in nearly every country, except for specific exclusions. Transactions exhibit varying speeds, with some occurring almost instantly while others may take longer, contingent on factors like peer availability and payment methods.

Funding AirTM

Adding funds to Airtm is a universal process, though methods may vary by country. Users can choose from an array of payment methods, and the detailed steps for adding funds are elucidated in the review.

Withdrawing from AirTM

Similar to adding funds, withdrawing money from Airtm involves a straightforward process. Users can select preferred payout options, enter withdrawal amounts, and complete the necessary steps for a successful transaction.

AirTM Fees

Airtm’s fee structure is outlined, emphasizing that transfers up to $2500 per month are free. A nominal fee of 1.25% is applied to amounts exceeding this limit. Additionally, deposit and withdrawal fees vary based on payment methods.

Earning Opportunities on AirTM

Working as a Cashier

Airtm presents an avenue for users to earn money by working as cashiers. This involves assisting others in depositing and withdrawing funds, with earnings derived from a percentage of the fees paid by users for these transactions.

AirTM Referral Program

Airtm incentivizes users through a referral program, enabling them to earn money by inviting others. Both the inviter and the invitee stand to benefit financially, creating a mutually rewarding system.

Airtm’s Pros and Cons

Benefits of AirTM

Airtm’s global coverage, availability of cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer exchange capabilities, low fees (up to $2500 transfers), and user-friendly setup contribute to its appeal.

Drawbacks of Airtm

While Airtm is generally well-received, potential drawbacks include longer transaction times, varying fees for certain payment methods, and the risk of encountering scammers.

User Perspectives on Airtm

Reviews Summary

Airtm garners mixed reviews, scoring 3.4 on Trustpilot and 3.8 on Google Play. Positive feedback highlights its reliability, user-friendliness, plethora of payment methods, and overall safety. Negative aspects include occasional account blocks, perceived difficulties in account verification, high fees, and instances of scams reported by users.

Conclusion: How AirTM Works

Drawing from a three-year usage perspective, Airtm has proven itself as a dependable platform for money transfers and currency exchanges. While occasional transaction delays may occur, the overall experience has been positive. Airtm is recommended for individuals seeking a versatile solution for sending, receiving, and exchanging money between e-wallets or bank accounts.


Airtm to Bank Transfer

Transferring money from Airtm to a bank account is simplified through withdrawal requests, with details on the process provided in the review.

Airtm to Binance, Binance to Airtm

A step-by-step guide is outlined for sending money between Airtm and Binance, facilitating crypto transactions.

Airtm to Payoneer, Wise, Skrill, Perfect Money, Payeer

Withdrawal processes for various platforms, including Payoneer, Wise, Skrill, Perfect Money, and Payeer, are detailed for user reference.

In conclusion, Airtm serves as a comprehensive platform, offering users a reliable, secure, and versatile solution for managing their finances and conducting currency exchanges. The platform’s global presence, safety measures, and diverse features make it a top choice for individuals seeking a seamless peer-to-peer payment experience.

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